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my little book
just breathe! got to get free!
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 Last post before I take off: We are the products of our experiences-A self reflection of why I am an activist

14th-Apr-2009 02:57 pm - Last Several Posts
 Last several Posts

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11th-Apr-2009 01:33 am - two most recent blogs
two most recent blogs

-> POMO 09' Featuring Diskarte Namin and Princess Bustos
-> Quotations from Chief Consultant Jose Maria Sison

9th-Apr-2009 07:55 pm - new entries
 last two blogs

-> Video Games and Organizing
-> Over Coming Debt and Analyzing Capitalism


15th-Mar-2009 04:02 pm - Rebelyn and VFA
 As I return home 4am from Denny's After Boys Night Out, my mind wanders and does not allow me to sleep.

I start my regular habit of checking emails and reading the news.  One particular blog caught my attention.  Rebelyn Pitao.  I've read about her numerous times already.  Something Different happens, the blog is an assumption of what her journal entry could have been prior to being raped and killed out of frustration by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  

The Rebel’s Child

who is about to celebrate 
her 21st is dead.
Yet her father,
who has made friends 
with pastoral landscapes, carabaos,
rusting sickles 
and second-hand army artillery 
is absolutely still
at large. 
As he has been 
from the time his child learned
her first lessons
on walking.

Which consisted in learning 
how to walk away
from recurring visions
that remained frighteningly strange
to the end. 

Scene 1: 
the rebel’s capture/the rebel’s torture/
the rebel’s mangled body/the rebel’s corpse

Scene 2:
camouflage suits/the strides of black boots/
machine guns waving/handcuffs grinding 
twisted wrists. 

She did not make this up.
A clique obsessed with unification
and survival
directs those images, too tactile 
for dreams, in places not far off
among the fields.

Did she keep a diary like this one?

“August 15: Yesterday, a visit from Tatay
who is just back from his Southern Expedition.
It’s like this: the people’s army, his comrades, 
the makeshift houses, his high-powered rifle, 
his two pairs of tafetta, his Mongol pencil, 
his swiss knife, his flashlight, his guitar, and 
his song of hope. It’s sad 
they are not mine.” 

“September 20: Today, a news 
of a tactical offensive
that brought the town one step closer 
to revolutionary justice.
Tatay survived. Whew!”

“November 11: Finished Freire’s Pedagogy 
of the Oppressed, I shall be a teacher.
Tatay teaches too, you know. 
He once told me that 
truth is concrete.” 

“March 17: I’m no teenager now. 
Will be a teacher in a few months. 
Because truth is concrete.”

The rebel thought it would be nice
to call his precious one
the rebel feminized.
[Secretly, he wanted to get the record straight
because the rebel is perpetually demonized
by the State]. 

But the rebel’s child 
was not spared
from the scenes that occupied
the vacancy in her head
whenever she is reminded 
of how she knew the rebel well. 

Now the kids whom the rebel’s child taught
so well are learning how to walk away 
from a cruel mimesis that has become 
their teacher. Because truth is concrete. 

And because it is, the difference
between what is done
and what must be done 
is spelled and felt
like the clenched teeth 
of a people that is still not used
to human death.

by Sarah Raymundo 
Professor at UP.

My mind stops racing as tears floods my eyes.  I attempt to comfort myself with the cold blankets.  I have friends who tell me why do I even bother doing the work I do, what do I have to gain?  What difference can I make anyways?  

I jump out of bed, walk to the bathroom and look myself in the mirror.  I was not the same person 3 years ago.  I don't want to remember the life I had before... I was almost the mirror image of that very same friend who said what difference can I make.  

I hate quoting Obama, but I will this time.  He said, " I did not win tonight, we did"  He made sure that his supporters knew that he would not have won presidency without the help of the majority of American voters.  

Today, I feel that same way-we can bring hope and change.  We have to release ourselves from limiting ourselves from our potential to create change.  Those who know me might say, I am reserve and not emotional.  Those who know me well, will say otherwise.  

If you have read to the very end, I will ask for your support in helping to end the unequal relations between the U.S. and the Philippines to pass this along.  Rebelyn's murderers are directly funded by our tax dollars-our tax dollars that go to fund death squads while teachers are being fired, our economy collapsing, and our tuition rising.  

Justice for Rebelyn!
End unequal relations between the U.S. and the Philippines!
Terminate VFA!


9th-Mar-2009 06:27 am - Diwang Pinay
Diwang Pinay
                                       coming soon.
.....  Still We Rise .....

Check out LFSSFSU.wordpress.com for more information.
21st-Feb-2009 12:55 am - Litangfan

an old woman tells me 
by the warmth of her humble
sloped home
that life is hard in Guina-ang
but her eyes and brow
they are merry as verses spill from her soul
weathered hands from toiling earth and rain 
speaking, telling, what She can only say 

down below beside the rice granaries of Tongfar
community members prepare
the sugarcane 
and the young men and women 
from the old woman’s house
will join tomorrow’s patpat
for the precious inti and basi

in Guina-ang
life is hard
the old woman tells me.
toil is the earth
and land is the life. 
the peasant village-tribe
is familiar with the time of year and day
when to rest
when to wait
when to reap.

children befriend the cold and dristle
like playmates in the day
barefoot in the clayed soil
cracked cheeks and frayed hair
never ending stories and songs 

to greet the birth of another year
the church is packed with young and knowing souls
women are in their best beads
tapis, apoyong
the gongs sound deep into the mountains
towards ridges and open rice paddies 
the day is long but the night
is longer.
tomorrow, the gongs will be cradled
into safekeeping
until the next consensus
until the next butchering. 

as time in history 
is doing to such indigenous communities
there is fear of the creeping
loss of tradition and culture
that binded the village at the turn of planting and harvests

yet in Guina-ang
where life is hard—
so the old woman says—
and her eyes do not lie, 
people live, people toil.
knowing when the next reaping,
the next wait. 


by Abigail Bengwayan

17th-Feb-2009 09:28 pm - Justice for Oscar Grant petition

End Racial Profiling - Justice for Oscar Grant, Adolph Grimes and Robbie Tolan.

In the span of 24 hours between December 31st, 2008 and January 1st, 2009, three Black men were the victims of racial profiling at the hands of various law enforcement agencies throughout the US.

Oscar Grant, a 22-year old father, was shot and killed by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police while laying face down and handcuffed after leaving a New Years Eve party. Adolph Grimes, was killed after being shot 14 times, 12 times in the back, by several New Orleans police officers in front of his home after leaving a New Years Eve celebration. Robbie Tolan was critically shot in the back by police in Bellaire, Texas, a suburb of Houston, after being falsely accused of a suspected robbery of his parents SUV.

Racial profiling is the product of the systematic denial of the human rights of non-European peoples in the United States. In "Blueprint for Change", President Barack Obama promised to end racial profiling and to expand hate crime statutes, including the Mathew Shepard Act, which will deem crimes against gay, lesbian, and transgender people hate crimes. We demand that President Obama live up to his campaign promises and take immediate action to end the discriminatory and deadly system of racial profiling.

We demand:

The Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) must intervene in all three cases and charge all the officers involved with murder.
The creation of a special commission in the DOJ to systematically eliminate all racial profiling policies, practices, and operational procedures in all the law enforcement agencies throughout the country.
Legislation that eliminates racial profiling and deems it a punishable human rights violation in compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) be introduced and passed.

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement




Sign the Petition here:

11th-Feb-2009 01:05 pm - word of the day

"The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a neo-liberal economic plan that focuses on the rights of investors to make profits. Investors are free to invest and disinvest without regard to social issues. Nothing can stand in the way of profit. National sovereignty, human rights, and environmental stewardship have no legitimacy in this economic plan."

-Tom Broaderick
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